: : : Smokey and the Bandit
===Story=== It's easy to assume this is just another dumb redneck comedy from Burt Reynolds's years of underachievement. But it's not bad as a dumb redneck comedy at all. Directed by career stuntman Hal Needham, ''Smokey and the Bandit'' is just a goofy chase starring a bunch of Reynolds's Hollywood cronies. New to the job as film boss, Needham brings a silly but energized sensibility to the production and an action man's need to see things moving. But he also has a distinctive feeling for relationships, and he's good with a joke. Put all that together, and ''Smokey'' is, at the very least (and unlike its sequels), a simple and original pleasure. ''--Tom Keogh'' ===DVD Features=== * Interactive Menus * Cast & FilmMakers' Bios * Trailer * Film Highlights * Web Links


Burt ReynoldsBandit
Sally FieldCarrie
Jerry ReedCledus
Paul WilliamsLittle Enos
Pat McCormickBig Enos
Macon McCalmanMr. B
Jackie GleasonSheriff Buford T. Justice of Portague County

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8.0 / 10