: : : Small Soldiers
===Story=== Here's the pitch: "It's like ''Toy Story'' but these toys that come to life really kick butt!" That's essentially it for this breezy popcorn flick. In a very smart first 10 minutes, new toy-company owner Denis Leary tells his crew he wants toys "that play back." Hence the small soldiers land in Anytown, U.S.A., and the loner kid Alan (Gregory Smith) opens them up before they are supposed to be on the shelves. Those military-grade chips sure make them smart and give the toys plenty of pithy retorts to boot. Plenty of violence, er, action, most of it fun enough. The vocal talents, including Tommy Lee Jones, Frank Langella, and cast members of ''The Dirty Dozen'' are inspired characters, the humans less so. With ''Gremlins'' director Joe Dante at the helm, it plays like a sequel to that '80s fantasy. Amazing visual effects, of course. ''--Doug Thomas'' ===DVD Features=== * Interactive Menus * From the Cutting Room Floor * Production Notes * Theatrical Trailer * Interactive Game Demo * Cast and Filmmakers' Bios


David CrossIrwin Wayfair
Jay MohrLarry Benson
Denis LearyGil Mars
Gregory SmithAlan Abernathy
Dick MillerJoe
Kirsten DunstChristy Fimple
Jacob SmithTimmy Fimple
Kevin DunnStuart Abernathy
Ann MagnusonIrene Abernathy
Wendy SchaalMarion Fimple
Phil HartmanPhil Fimple
Robert PicardoRalph
Rance HowardHusband
Tommy Lee JonesChip Hazard
Frank LangellaArcher
Ernest BorgnineKip Killagi
Jim BrownButch Meathook
Bruce DernLink Static
George KennedyBrick Bazooka
Clint WalkerNick Nitro
Christopher GuestSlamfist/Scratch-It
Michael McKeanInsaniac/Freakenstein
Harry ShearerPunch-It
Sarah Michelle GellarGwendy Doll
Christina RicciGwendy Doll

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