Slayers: The Book Of Spells


Slayers: The Book Of Spells review
A spellbook that'll leave you laughing


The first of several Slayers OVA titles released stateside, this collection brings together 3 different adventures with Lina & Nagha, each one a bit wackier than the one before it. Whether it's plans to make a Lina-headed chimera, a magical and mysterious fat lady, or anything else, you never know what trouble these girls will run into.
Obviously there's a lot to love about this title. First up, as is the Slayers trademark, there's plenty of cheap and somewhat ridiculous humor at almost every opportunity. There's just something silly about the heroines trying to "inadvertently" blow each other away. And even when you know what's going to happen next, it's still funny to see how it plays out.
What isn't there to like? Unless 90 minutes worth isn't enough for you, or Nagha's laugh drives you insane, absolutely nothing.
This series shows why the OVAs are beter than the TV series counterpart-while there's some serious fantasy elements, it always comes back with plenty of laughs and then some. This collection is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it.

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