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===Story=== Lina thinks spending a little time by the seaside will afford her some much needed R&R, but little does she know the action is about to begin! After accepting their much awaited reward of seafood delights from a fishing village, Lina and Gourry discover that the village food supply has been cursed. Whoever eats the food loses their ability to speak in anything but a bizarre aquatic language. Lina must brave the perils of the deep to get to the bottom of this mysterious hex on humanity. And what would Lina say about the feeling Gourry is trying to tell her? If she could only understand this strange tongue! ===DVD Features=== Commentary
Behind the Scenes


Megumi Hayashibara
Hikaru Midorikawa
Crispin Freeman
Luci Christian
Chris Patton
Cynthia Martinez
Maria Kawamura
Kelly Manison
Kira Vincent-Davis
Akira Ishida

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