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===Story=== The fierce battle that is Lina Inverse vs. Nagha The Serpent rises to new levels! This time our heroines find themselves in a labyrinth rescue situation after Nagha totals a town, Lina decides to teach a pampered girl a lesson for profit, only to have it backfire, and finally Lina & Nagha find themselves trying to out-model the other with clothing! There's no holding back the fierceness or the follies now! ===DVD Features=== *Japanese & English Dolby Digital 2.0 Audio *English Subtitles *Interview with Cynthia Martinez (Lina Inverse) and Kelly Manison (Naga the Serpent) *Slayers Excellent Trailer *ADV Previews


Megumi Hayashibara
Cynthia Martinez
Maria Kawamura
Kelly Manison

Solitaire owns Slayers Excellent
Nov 19, 04 9:29am

The last of the OVA adventures of Lina & Nagha is, as one might expect, as hilarious...

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10 / 10