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===Story=== Detective Kanzaki Kohei (Shosuke Tanihara) is hunting a serial killer whose gruesome trademark is to tear the hearts out of hid victims while they are still alive. His investigation suddenly turns personal when his bride-to-be Mina becomes the next victim on their wedding day. Mina, meanwhile, finds herself at the Gate of Resentment, on the cusp of the afterlife. As a murdered soul, she has three options: to enter paradise, haunt the world as a ghost, or to torment her killer, but be condemned to hell afterwards. With twelve days to decide, time is running out as the killer plans to strike again.


Eihi Shiina
Yumiko Shaku
Aya Okamoto
Kimika Yoshino

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Sky High follows the story of a detective, Kanzaki, working on a serial killer case. ...

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