: : : Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
===Story=== In the second film entry of the ''Silent Hill'' series, Heather Mason has always been on the run with her father, fortuitous enough to evade dangerous forces that she doesn't quite understand. That fortune has run out, and on the eve of her 18th Birthday, Heather makes the discovery that she isn't who she thinks she is, a revelation that sends her into Silent Hill, a demonic world threatening to trap her in its horrors for eternity. ===DVD Features===


Sean BeanHarry Mason / Christopher Da Silva
Adelaide ClemensHeather Mason
Kit HarringtonVincent Carter
Malcolm McDowellLeonard Wolf
Carrie-Anne MossClaudia Wolf
Radha MitchellRose Da Silva
Deborah Kara UngerDahlia Gillespie
Martin DonovanDouglas Cartland
Jacky LaiPretty Bitchy Girl
Heather MarksSuki
Chris AntonMonster in the Mist
James CollinsEvil Caretaker
Cassie OwocGirl On Bus
Michel C. FoucaultBusinessman

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