: : : Shuffle! Volume 6
===Story=== The competition for Rin's heart may be over, but his biggest trial is still to come. Asa's health worsens and Rin learns some shocking facts about her past. His hopes of returning his love to full health are crushed when Asa herself refuses to accept what is required. What can Rin do to convince his new partner to relinquish her stubbornness? What is the one thing only Rin can do for her? ===DVD Features=== *Textless Opening and Ending * Trailers


Jerry JewellRin Tsuchimi
Carrie SavageKaede Fuyou
Brittney KarbowskiLisianthus
Caitlin GlassNerine
Monica RialAsa Shigure
Cherami LeighPrimula
Kelly GreenMayumi Thyme
Todd HaberkornItsuki
Colleen ClinkenbeardKareha

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