: : : Shuffle! Volume 5


Rin just can't win, as he comes to truely understand that having a harem of girls after him is both good and bad. Sia's more assertive self takes control by forcing Rin onto a date, skipping school and leading the pair into all sort of trouble. But Rin's feelings may already be swayed to a girl, where his attempts to enjoy a date with her go wrong despite the best intentions of his friends (or perhaps because of?).

However, those feelings of affection may have repercussions much closer to home than he realizes, as an emotional turmoil of repressed feelings and an unforgotten sin threaten to break down the close friendships that have endured until now. The time to make decisions is now.

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    Jerry JewellRin Tsuchimi
    Carrie SavageKaede Fuyou
    Brittney KarbowskiLisianthus
    Caitlin GlassNerine
    Monica RialAsa Shigure
    Cherami LeighPrimula
    Kelly GreenMayumi Thyme
    Todd HaberkornItsuki
    Colleen ClinkenbeardKareha

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