: : : Shuffle! Volume 4
===Story=== Rin's life has become a whirlwind of chaos, as he's found out that being the centre of numerous girls attention is not the most ideal situation in the world. But that soon takes a backseat when Primula starts displaying strange symptoms. She reluctantly returns to the world of demons for treatment, but when the diagnosis is not good difficult decisions are made, and the friends head to the world of demons in hope of helping their beloved Primula. But Primula is not the only girl in trouble, as Asa shows signs of illness and finds herself collapsing. With the girls around him in distress Rin must decide the best actions to take if he wants a happy ending. ===DVD Features=== * Textless Songs * Trailers


Jerry JewellRin Tsuchimi
Carrie SavageKaede Fuyou
Brittney KarbowskiLisianthus
Caitlin GlassNerine
Monica RialAsa Shigure
Cherami LeighPrimula
Kelly GreenMayumi Thyme
Todd HaberkornItsuki
Colleen ClinkenbeardKareha

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