: : : Shuffle! Volume 2
===Story=== Life certainly isn't getting any easier for poor Rin, who's finding out first hand that a man's ideal situation really isn't that ideal. But Rin's not the only one with problems. Kaede works herself to the point of exhaustion, forcing her into a period of rest to recover. Then Primula suddenly turns up at school, and Rin becomes aware of a serious oversight. Asa has her own love problems when a popular boy shows interest, but she's worried about not feeling the same way. Sia goes on the offensive and asks Rin on a date, but her carefully laid out plan falls apart as they keep bumping into people they know. ===DVD Features=== * Textless Songs * Trailers


Jerry JewellRin Tsuchimi
Carrie SavageKaede Fuyou
Brittney KarbowskiLisianthus
Caitlin GlassNerine
Monica RialAsa Shigure
Cherami LeighPrimula
Kelly GreenMayumi Thyme
Todd HaberkornItsuki
Colleen ClinkenbeardKareha

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6.5 / 10