: : : Short Circuit 2
===Story=== Number 5 the robot returns in the sequel of Short Circuit. Number 5 is sent from Stephanie's ranch to New York City where he helps Ben with his electronic business that sells toy versions of Number 5. Sandy Banatoni (a saleswoman) finds one of the toys and helps Ben with his business. Ben's shady assistant, Fred Ritter convinces Ben to go on a date with Sandy and he tries to sell Number 5 to a bank (the robot's worth over $11 million). Number 5 gets realizes the plan and escapes through a window. Oscar Baldwin (a bank teller) uses his friendship with Number 5 to tunnel under the warehouse to steal money from the bank. Johnny 5 gets wise when they start stealing from the vault and he tries to escape. Oscar's goons attack him severely and Number 5 gets damaged. Through a struggle for survival, and for acceptance as a New York citizen, Number 5 tries to stop Oscar and his goons from getting away with their plans.


Tim BlaneyJohnny Five
Fisher StevensBen Jahveri
Michael McKeanFred Ritter
Cynthia GibbSandy Banatoni
Jack WestonOscar Baldwin
Don LakeManic Mike
Damon D'OliveiraBones
Ally SheedyStephanie Speck

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