===Story=== What would you do if you were an ATF agent (John Allen Nelson) who knew your bosses were skimming guns, which resulted in your thwarting a bloodbath hit on a Greek Mafia chieftain (Peter Oronati), whose wife (Brenda Bakke) you'd recently taken a liking to? Well, you'd take a temp job with the Greek Mafia if it were offered, wouldn't you? It could happen. And that way you could cozy up to the wife until things cool down at the ATF. Charles Durning adds a weighty presence to the proceedings. Kurtwood Smith does smarmy evil with relish. The violent denouement features many people yelling names with all the pained primalism of Stanley Kowalski crying, "Stella!" ''--Jim Gay'' ===DVD Features=== * Interactive Menus * Scene Access * Trailer * Bios * Featurette


John Allen NelsonMartin Roberts
Brenda BakkeHelena
Peter OnoratiDemetrie Kostantinos
Costas MandylorNikos Kostantinos
Charles DurningCapt. Robert Landis
Linden AshbyJimmy Parker
Kurtwood SmithTom Cantrell
George RussoPaulos
Greg Allan MartinKlun

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3.8 / 10