: : : Shakugan no Shana Volume 6
===Story=== The Ball Masque's horrific plans come to fruition, spelling the end for everyone in Misaki City. As Kazumi, Eita, and Sato helplessly watch the world crumble, Shana risks her life to save them and the person whom she has come to truly care for. Will Yuji live long enough to finally understand what it means to be a Mystes and what it means to the world? More importantly, will he learn what matters the most to him personally before it's too late? ===DVD Features=== * Shana-tan Videos * Texless 3rd Ending * Nazi nani Shana video


Tabitha St. GermainShana
Kristian AyreYuji Sakai
Paul DobsonAlastor
Janyse JaudMargery Daw
Trevor DevallMarcosias
Chantal StrandKazumi Yoshida
Brad SwaileSatou Keisaku
Alistair AbellEita Tanaka
Matthew EricksonIke Hayato
Lalainia LindbjergChigusa Sakai

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