: : : Shakugan no Shana Volume 5


Kazumi Yoshida was just an ordinary girl in love and that was the extent of her trouble. That is until she meets Khamsin, the Flame Haze who shows her what the real world is like. Her relationship with Yuji is about to tackle new obstacles as Shana fights with her own growing sense of self and her feelings towards Yuji. Then, when Wirhelmina re-appears, Shana's life begins to fall into place, but there are some things that were never meant to be.

DVD Features

  • Production Art Gallery
  • Textless 2nd Opening
  • Nazi nani Shana video


    Tabitha St. GermainShana
    Kristian AyreYuji Sakai
    Paul DobsonAlastor
    Janyse JaudMargery Daw
    Trevor DevallMarcosias
    Chantal StrandKazumi Yoshida
    Brad SwaileSatou Keisaku
    Alistair AbellEita Tanaka
    Matthew EricksonIke Hayato
    Lalainia LindbjergChigusa Sakai

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