: : : Shakugan no Shana Volume 2
===Story=== When flames collide it isn't a very pretty sight. The first battle between Shana and Margery did not end well for Shana and now she has to face Friagne and Margery in order to uphold her mission in life. Meanwhile, Yuji begins to learn more of the world he has been thrown into sa another Crimson Denizen explains further about existences and the powers they hold. As Yuji is engaged in absorbing as much information as possible, he doesn't seem to notice that a certain girl has taken an interest in him... ===DVD Features=== * Textless Opening


Tabitha St. GermainShana
Kristian AyreYuji Sakai
Paul DobsonAlastor
Janyse JaudMargery Daw
Trevor DevallMarcosias
Chantal StrandKazumi Yoshida
Brad SwaileSatou Keisaku
Alistair AbellEita Tanaka
Matthew EricksonIke Hayato
Lalainia LindbjergChigusa Sakai

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