: : : Shadows
===Story=== To the casual observer, Lazar Perkov has everything-a beautiful wife, a happy child, and a comfortable house-leading his friends and colleagues to go to the lengths to call him "Lucky." But as the old saying goes "Appearances can be deceiving," and that would be the case, because in spite of having all the creature comforts, Lazar is constantly trying to live up to the demands of his overbearing mother and discontent spouse. Every day seems to be pretty much the same for the man they call "Lucky," but that all changes one day, when Lazar survives a devastating automobile accident...barely. Upon recoverinig from his near-fatal injuries, Lazar is confronted by a series of people who appear to die time and again, and they always deliiver the cryptic message "Return what is not yours. Have respect." Experiencing such visions whilst dreaming is one thing, but when those visions begin to invade his waking life, how will that alter the life of Lazar Perkov and his family? ===DVD Features===


Borce NacevDr Lazar Perkov
Vesna StanojevskaMenka
Sabina AjrulaDr. Vera Perkova (as Sabinia Ajrula-Tozija)
Salaetin BilalGerasim
Ratka RadmanovicKalina
Filaret AtanasovaGordana
Dime IlijevIgnat Perkov
Petar MircevskiBlagojce
Vladimir JacevSiskin
Goce VlahovProfessor Kokale
Ana KostovskaRadmila
Zaklina StefkovskaPaca
Izabela NovotniIzabela
Ilko StefanovskiDr Karpuzovski
Vanja RadmilovicIvana
Marina PankovaNurse Elena (as Marina Pop Pankova)
Dragan MiladinovskiDr. Filipovski
Joana PopovskaSlavica
Kire GorevskiMiki
Jordan SimonovPance

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