: : : Shadow Man
===Story=== Steven Seagal, Garrick Hagon, Skye Bennett and Eva Pope star in this hard-hitting, action film about an Intelligence Operative who discovers that no one is what they seem in the shadowy world of espionage. Seagal stars as Jack Foster, a former covert agent with MacGyver-like skills, who is in search of his kidnapped 8-year-old daughter while being pursued by Russian officials who believe he holds a virus formula that could kill millions.


Steven SeagalJack Foster
Eva PopeAnya
Imelda StauntonAmbassador Cochran
Vincent RiottaHarry
Michael ElwynGeorge
Skye BennettAmanda Foster
Garrick HagonWaters
Alex FernsSchmitt
Michael FitzpatrickChambers
Elias FerkinVelos
Levan UchaneishviliJensen
Zoltan ButucSeaka
Emanuel ParvuUrick
Vince LeighRoger
Werner DaehnCyrell

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