: : : Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

===Story=== If it weren't for a couple of inspired performances, as well as the time-capsule weirdness of it all, ''Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'' would be definitively unwatchable. This misguided effort to dramatize the classic Beatles album (the Fab Four had nothing to do with it, thank goodness) also includes tunes from other Beatles LPs, strung together in lumbering '70s rock-opera style. Peter Frampton, then at the crest of his brief run at the top, stars as Billy Shears, with the Bee Gees wearing the glossy day-glo band jackets from the ''Pepper'' album cover. Earth, Wind & Fire turn in a spirited revamp of "Got to Get You into My Life," and Aerosmith thrash their way through "Come Together"; but most of the performances are pretty awful. Out-and-out novelties include Steve Martin doing "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" and George Burns (but of course) warbling "Fixing a Hole." This high-profile 1978 flop helped kill the hot streak (''Saturday Night Fever'', ''Grease'') of record and movie producer Robert Stigwood and sink his RSO movie-music empire. ''--Robert Horton'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen *Dolby *DTS Surround Sound


Peter FramptonBilly Shears
Barry GibbMark Henderson
Robin GibbDave Henderson
Maurice GibbBob Henderson
Frankie HowerdMr. Mustard
Paul NicholasDougie Shears
Donald PleasenceB.D. Hoffler
Sandy FarinaStrawberry Fields
Dianne SteinbergLucy
Steve MartinDr. Maxwell Edison
Alice CooperMarvin Sunk
Billy PrestonSergeant Pepper
George BurnsMr. Kite
Max ShowalterErnest Shears
Jack BruceOur Guests at Heartland
Keith CarradineOur Guests at Heartland
Carol ChanningOur Guests at Heartland
Rick DerringerOur Guests at Heartland
DonovanOur Guests at Heartland
Leif GarrettOur Guests at Heartland
Barry HumphriesDame Edna Everage
Dr. JohnOur Guests at Heartland
Nils LofgrenOur Guests at Heartland
John MayallOur Guests at Heartland
Curtis MayfieldOur Guests at Heartland
Wilson PickettOur Guests at Heartland
Del ShannonOur Guests at Heartland
Tina TurnerOur Guests at Heartland
Frankie ValliOur Guests at Heartland
Hank Williams Jr.Our Guests at Heartland
George HarrisonOur Guests at Heartland
Linda McCartneyOur Guests at Heartland
Paul McCartneyOur Guests at Heartland

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