: : : Sgt. Bilko
===Story=== Steve Martin plays Master Sgt. Earnest Bilko, who exploits his position in the army to the utmost, just to make a few bucks on the side. He runs all sorts of gambling rings, ranging from greyhound betting to tug-of-war matches. Trouble brews when an old enemy of Bilko's comes back, determined to prove that he isn't as spotless as his record shows. ===DVD Features=== -Subtitles


Steve MartinMaster Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko
Dan AykroydCol. John T. Hall
Phil HartmanMaj. Colin Thorn
Glenne HeadlyRita Robbins
Daryl MitchellPfc. Wally Holbrook
Max CasellaSpc. Dino Paparelli
Eric EdwardsPvt. Duane Doberman
John Marshall JonesSgt. Henshaw
Brian LecknerPfc. Sam Fender
John OrtizSpc. Luis Clemente
Pamela AdlonSgt. Raquel Barbella
Mitchell WhitfieldPfc. Mickey Zimmerman
Austin PendletonMaj. Ebersole
Chris Rock1st Lt. Oster
Dale DyeFirst Engineer
Rance HowardMr. Robbins
Clifton Collins Jr.Soldier #2

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