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===Story=== When one thinks of revolutionaries, the first names that come to mind are Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr., just to name a few. Richard Berkowitz, in a different way, can be viewed in the same light. A revolutionary gay S&M sex worker turned AIDS activist in the 1980's, Berkowitz' incomparable contribution to the invention of safe sex has never been aptly credited. Perhaps that could change over time; as ''Sex Positive'' takes aim at the hazards-from the various STD's to HIV and AIDS-that come from unsafe sex, lessons that may not be known to the younger generation. ===DVD Features===


Don AdlerHimself
Richard BerkowitzHimself
Susan BrownHerself
Demetre DaskalakisHimself
Richard DworkinHimiself
William HaseltineHimself
Larry KramerHimself
Ardele ListerHerself
Michael LucasHimself
Francisco RoqueHimself
Gabriel RotelloHimself
Dr. Joseph SonnabendHimself
Bill StackhouseHimself
Krishna StoneHerself
Sean StrubHimself
Edmund WhiteHimself

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