: : : Sex and Death 101
===Story=== One day, Roderick Blank (Simon Baker) gets an email out of the blue containing the names of every woman he has ever slept with. Even stranger, it lists the names of every woman he's ever going to have sex with. Who sent this bizarre email? Could it be the vixen (Winona Ryder) who is targeting men she believes are guilty of "sex crime"?


Robert WisdomAlpha
Tanc SadeBeta
Patton OswaltFred
Simon BakerRoderick Blank
Mindy CohnTrixie
Winona RyderDeath Nell/Gillian De Raisx
Keram Malicki-SánchezMaster Bitchslap
Julie BowenFiona Wormwood
Neil FlynnZack
Corinne ReillyLizzie
Winter Ave ZoliAlexis De Large
Dash MihokLester
Jessica KiperCarlotta Valdes
Sophie MonkCynthia Rose
Marshall BellVictor Rose III
Candice CokeGreta Samsa
Rob BenedictBow-Tie Bob
Leslie BibbDr. Miranda Storm
RettaEthel Walters

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