: : : Sesame Street Presents Elmo's Musical Adventures - Peter & The Wolf

Sesame Street Presents Elmo's Musical Adventures - Peter & The Wolf

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===Story=== Tag along for Elmo's musical adventure with Prokofiev's ''Peter and the Wolf'' and prepare to strike an unlikely pose, with one foot planted in the friendliest, furriest neighborhood anybody knows and the other in a sophisticated, sonically souped-up concert arena--Boston's Symphony Hall. The video unites the two seemingly mismatched worlds seamlessly, pulling off its unstated but pretty obvious goal, which is to siphon off the classical genre's outermost layer of stuffiness to make it more accessible to little kids, with Sesame-style punch and simplicity. Baby Bear leads viewers into Peter's forest by way of his ticket to see the Boston Pops Orchestra. Backstage he meets conductor Keith Lockhart, who serves as tour guide for a thorough but breezy showcase of various instruments, allowing the lisping little bear to get a grip on which sound portrays which character. Happy-go-lucky Peter, played by a peasant-costumed Elmo, is center stage during violin solos; the scary-sounding French horn signals the approach of the wolf--normally a ferocious fellow, but in this case a harmless furry purple guy. These days, with the gospel about the benefits of music education spreading at fever pitch, this 45-minute gem could be promoted as a way to get preschoolers in on the action. Beyond that, it's a charming chucklefest that's as effective as any intro you'll find to the classic tale. Elmo tickles audiences of all ages as Peter, and Big Bird, with help from the bassoon, spreads his wings in the role of the brave but foolhardy boy's grandfather. ''--Tammy La Gorce''


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