===Story=== On September 11, 1857 in an unspoiled valley of the Utah Territory—and in the name of God—120 men, women and children were savagely murdered. Who ordered the massacre, and why, has been hidden in a cloak of secrecy and conspiracy. And the reputation of one of the nation's mightiest religious figures has been preserved and protected. Until now. Based on actual historical events September Dawn is a feature length drama that depicts the tragic encounter between a party of innocent settlers and a fanatic Mormon militia. The religious terrorism depicted in the film happened 150 years ago and resonates in many ways with acts of mindless violence occurring across the world today.


Terence StampBrigham Young
Trent FordJonathan Samuelson
Jon GriesJohn D. Lee
Lolita DavidovichNancy Dunlap
Jon VoightJacob Samuelson
Taylor HandleyMicah Samuelson
Daniel LibmanReverend Grant Hudson
Tamara HopeEmily Hudson
Huntley RitterRobert Humphries
Dean CainJoseph Smith

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