===Story=== Season seven of Seinfeld maintains the series' brilliance almost from the outset, with an episode in which George (Jason Alexander) renews his relationship with Susan Biddle Ross (Heidi Swedberg) -- a relationship from which, ultimately, only one will emerge alive. Elsewhere, Kramer (Michael Richards) wins a lawsuit that allows him free coffee at any location in the world, and Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) dates a man with a highly appropriate nickname in "The Maestro." Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld -- it's his show, remember?) can't get rid of a guy at the movies, while Kramer becomes "Mr. Movie Phone" in "The Pool Guy." Also, George finds himself up for a promotion just because he's been leaving his car overnight in the Yankees' parking lot. Jerry gets more than he bargained for when he steals a loaf of marble rye. And in a deathless moment, Elaine wonders if her current beau is truly "sponge-worthy" (funny about that word "deathless"...especially considering what happens to Susan at season's end). But when all is said and done, if anyone asks why the seventh season of Seinfeld is worthy of immortality, just say three little words: "The Soup Nazi." ===DVD Features=== *Blooper Reel *11 Deleted Scenes *Commentary on "The Postponement" with Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus *Commentary on "The Soup Nazi" with Jerry Seinfeld, director Andy Ackerman and writer Spike Feresten *Commentary on "The Secret Code" with writers Alec Berg and Jeff Schaffer *Commentary on "The Pool Guy" with Jerry Seinfeld, writer David Mandel and director Andy Ackerman *Commentary on "The Sponge" with writer Peter Mehlman *Commentary on "The Gum" with writers Tom Gammill and Max Pross *Commentary on "The Shower Head" with Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus *Commentary on "The Doll" with writers Tom Gammill and Max Pross *Commentary on "The Friars Club" with writer David Mandel *Commentary on "The Calzone" with Jerry Seinfeld, director Andy Ackerman and writers Jeff Schaffer and Alec Berg *Featurettes: Inside Look on "The Engagement," "The Maestro," "The Soup Nazi," "The Secret Code," "The Pool Guy," "The Gum," "The Rye," "The Caddy," "The Cadillac," "The Friars Club," "The Wig Master, "The Calzone," "The Bottle Deposit," and "The Invitations" *Featurette: Larry David's Farewell *Featurette: Queen of the Castle: The Elaine Benes Story *Featurette: Sein-Imation "Dr. Cosmo on Marriage & Family" *Featurette: Sein-Imation "George & the Whale" *Featurette: Where's Larry?: Seinfeld's Secret Guest Star *Factoid tracks on all 24 episodes


Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld
Julia Louis-DreyfusElaine Benes
Michael RichardsCosmo Kramer
Jason AlexanderGeorge Costanza
Wayne KnightNewman
Jerry StillerFrank Costanza
Estelle HarrisEstelle Constanza
Heidi SwedbergSusan Ross
Thomas DekkerBobby
Larry ThomasSoup Nazi
Steve HytnerBania
Fred StollerFred Yerkes
Lewis ArquetteLeapin' Larry
Yul VazquezBob
Grace ZabriskieMrs. Ross
Marisa TomeiHerself
Liz SheridanHelen
Barney MartinMorty
Len LesserUncle Leo
Jay LenoHimself
Kathy GriffinSally
Rob SchneiderBob
John O'HurleyPeterman
Brad GarrettTony
Rance HowardFarmer
Cary ElwesDavid
Debra MessingBeth
Stephen RootMr. Lager

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