: : : Seems Like Old Times
===Story=== An original Neil Simon screenplay makes ''Seems Like Old Times'' rise above what would otherwise be a forgettable comedy love triangle. Goldie Hawn (''Private Benjamin'') plays a good-hearted defense lawyer married to Ira, a politically ambitious district attorney played by Charles Grodin (''Midnight Run''). The craziness of their everyday lives becomes even more ridiculous when ex-husband Chevy Chase is framed for a bank robbery and seeks refuge with the woman he could never get over. Hawn hides the love of her life under her husband's nose as Chase tries to clear his name. Hawn tries to protect him and Grodin just tries to keep from going insane. A slapstick romance that's very often hit-and-miss, the dialogue saves this comic farce and provides wonderful moments between the three stars. ''Seems Like Old Times'' also has going for it winning supporting players and some half a dozen drooling, unruly dogs. ''--Robert Lane'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Goldie HawnGlenda Parks
Chevy ChaseNicholas Gardenia
Charles GrodinIra Parks
Robert GuillaumeFred
Harold GouldJudge John Channing
T.K. CarterChester

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