: : : Seeing Other People
===Story=== Seeing Other People is about Ed (Mohr) and Alice (Nicholson), a happy couple who are just months away from their wedding. After accidentally witnessing a friend having anonymous sex at her engagement party, Alice begins to feel inadequate about her own sexual history and she proposes to Ed that they have sex with other people until their wedding. Though Ed is initially against the idea, Alice is persistent and he relents thinking that she will never follow through with it. Of course, things don't go smoothly and despite the rules they mutually lay down, Ed and Alice's relationship is put to the test, and their friends and relatives (Richter, Charles, Graham, Cranston) can't help but get involved when the arrangement begins to spiral out of control.


Jay MohrEd
Julianne NicholsonAlice
Josh CharlesLou
Andy RichterCarl
Lauren GrahamClaire
Bryan CranstonPeter
Mike FaiolaTim
Sheeri RappaportNaomi
Mitch MorrisDoug
Niki J. CrawfordVenita
Alex BorsteinTracy
Shanna MoaklerKasey
Matthew DavisDonald
Chay SantiniDiane
Rachel ShelleyLauren
Helen SlaterPenelope
Dylan McLaughlinJake
Jill RitchieSandy
Mimi RogersElise
Nicole Marie LenzMiranda
Jonathan DavisRicky

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