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s-CRY-ed Complete Collection

===Story=== In an attempt to capture Mimori, Kigetsuki and the Tokonatsu sisters attack the Inner village but they are thwarted by Kazuma who arrives in the nick of time. Kazuma and Kanami's reunion is short-lived as she is kidnapped by Biff. While Cougar tries to calm down Kazuma and Ryuho to plan their next course of action, Mujo attacks them with the surveillance/attack satelite, HOLY Eye. None of this really matters to Kazuma, a Native Alter who uses his powerful alter, Shell Bullet, in his search for money and thrills. But when Kazuma runs into the oppressive HOLY, he is forced into fighting for freedom and safety of those he cares about. Is the brash Kazuma strong enough to defeat HOLY's most powerful Alter User, Ryuho and his alter, Zetzuei? ===DVD Features=== Region 1
6-Disc Set
Audio: (unspecified) - English, Japanese
Subtitles - English - Optional
Additional Release Material: Additional Audio Material - Sound Comic
Additional Footage - Textless Opening/Ending Animation
Behind the Scenes - Character Videos
Clips/Highlights - Music Score Collection
Featurettes - Lost Ground Express
Trailers - 1. Promo Clip
2. TV Spots
Interactive Features: Interactive Animated Menus
Text/Photo Galleries: Galleries - 1. Design Work
2. Illustrations (with audio)


Tony Oliver

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