: : : Scrubs - The Complete Sixth Season

Scrubs - The Complete Sixth Season

===Story=== Fill your prescription for laughs with the sixth dose of the Emmy Award-winning Scrubs. The doctors of Sacred Heart make their rounds in the most surreal comedy on network television. Expect big bundles of laughs this year as J.D. and Kim, Turk and Carla, and Dr. Cox and Jordan are all expecting little bundles of joy, and the entire crew takes an unforgettable road trip. Continue your Scrubs collection with all 22 episodes of the groundbreaking sitcom's sensational sixth season. With a band of hilarious guest stars and exclusive bonus features, including alternate takes and bloopers, this 3-disc box set is the perfect cure for the entertainment blues. ===DVD Features=== *My Making Of: "My Musical" - The cast stars in a musical episode with songs written by Tony Award-winning composers. See it all - from rehearsals to the full-blown spectacle *Judy Reyes Keeps Talking - The actress behind Carla Espinosa reveals her inspiration and secrets of the event-packed season *The "Third Tier" - Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence talks about the show's so-called "third tier" of colourful characters *The Debra and Stephanie Show - Veteran Scrubs writer Deb Fordham and actress Stephanie D'Abruzzo share their experiences on the show's special musical episode *Scrubbed Out - Deleted Scenes *A Second Opinion - Alternate Lines *Practice, Practice, Malpractice - Outtakes *Audio Commentaries


Zach BraffDr. John 'J.D.' Dorian
Sarah ChalkeDr. Elliot Reid
Donald FaisonDr. Christopher Turk
Neil FlynnThe Janitor
Ken JenkinsDr. Bob Kelso
John C. McGinleyDr. Perry Cox
Judy ReyesNurse Carla Espinosa
Elizabeth BanksDr. Kim Briggs
Sam LloydTed Buckland
Robert MaschioDr. Todd Quinlan
Christa MillerJordan Sullivan
Travis SchuldtKeith
Aloma WrightNurse Laverne Roberts
Jay Kenneth JohnsonDr. Matthews
Shaughn BuchholzJason 'Cabbage' Cabbagio
Johnny KastlDr. Doug Murphy
Dave FoleyDr. Hendrick
Geoff StevensonDr. Beardface
Michael WestonPrivate Brian Dancer
Manley HenrySnoop Dogg Intern
Alexander ChaplinSam Thompson
Victoria TennantMaggie Kent
Joe ManganielloChad Miller
Nicole SullivanJill Tracy
Ned BellamyDr. Green
Keri RussellMelody O'Harra
Mike HenryUrologist

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