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Almost everyone is back for the final installment, but noticeably missing is creator Kevin Williamson, the person behind Dawson's Creek. The release of Scream brought about a renewed interest in the genre of teen horror movies, spawning a number of sequels. Scream's popularity derived from its ability to poke fun at itself and the genre. Both the original and the sequel are chock full of inside jokes from other horror movies. The third installment is just as fun as the other two, and manages to retain its edge over its imitators.

In Scream 3, the rules are: there are no rules. Scream 3 ups the body count and the gore, while weaving in humorous observations about past trilogies into the storyline. As in the first two movies, there are tons of guest stars. And most of those stars will be murdered. Although the acting isn't spectacular, it is a couple notches above similar genre films. McCarthy in particular has some devastatingly funny lines that essentially make fun of herself. Cox Arquette and Arquette play nicely off each other. The story is full of red herrings, and while the motivations of the killer become clear by the middle of the film, the identity is still not clear. Still, everything ties together well in the end, providing a satisfying sense of closure.

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