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===Story=== This third installment of the hugely popular ''Scream'' trilogy doesn't have the moxie and smarts of its two predecessors, but it's still a great thrill ride. Scripted by Ehren Kruger (from an outline by ''Scream'' writer Kevin Williamson), ''Scream 3'' takes the three surviving characters from the first two films--beleagured heroine Sidney (Neve Campbell), ruthless TV journalist Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox Arquette), and hapless deputy Dewey (David Arquette)--and transplants them to the environs of Hollywood. Turns out a familiarly masked killer is stalking the cast of ''Stab 3'', the third installment of the movies within the ''Scream'' movies. (Following all this? Don't worry, it's not entirely vital to the plot.) It's supposed to be a fun house of mirrors, with each character encountering the actor playing themselves and visiting reconstructed sets of the murder scenes, but it doesn't have the same snap and crackle of the first two films. Rather than parodying the teen horror genre, ''Scream 3'' seems to be playing by the rules instead of breaking them gleefully, and its postmodern plotting is a little too fast and loose. Williamson's presence is sorely missed--it's the difference between hitting one out of the park and scoring a solid triple. Director Wes Craven, though, still brings his die-hard energy to the proceedings, from the requisite heart-pumping prologue to the go-for-broke (but somewhat predictable) ending. Kudos to Campbell, Cox, and especially Arquette for bringing spirit to characters who should be justifiably tired of being corpse magnets; Campbell is remarkably graceful considering she's saddled with plot twists involving heretofore undisclosed family baggage. And in the film's one inspired stroke of brilliance, Cox's Gale is trailed by a hilarious Parker Posey as the actress playing Gale in ''Stab 3'', who astutely realizes that if they're caught by the killer together, it'll be the ''real'' Gale who gets it. If ''Scream 3'' had stuck to such ingenious parody throughout, it would have been a real winner; as it is, it's an energetic shadow of itself. With ''Scream'' alums Liev Schreiber and Jamie Kennedy in brief but winning cameos. ''--Mark Englehart'' ===DVD Features=== * Outtakes * Behind The Scenes From All 3 Scream Movies * Deleted Scenes with Commentary Track by Wes Craven & Crew * Alternate Ending with Commentary Track by Wes Craven & Crew * Feature Film with Commentary Track by Wes Craven & Crew * TV Spots & Theatrical Trailer * International Trailer * 'Creed' Music Video * Cast & Crew Bios


Neve CampbellSidney Prescott
David ArquetteDwight 'Dewey' Riley
Courteney CoxGale Weathers
Liev SchreiberCotton Weary
Jamie KennedyRandy Meeks
Emily MortimerAngelina Tyler
Kelly RutherfordChristine Hamilton
Parker PoseyJennifer Jolie
Lance HenriksenJohn Milton
Patrick DempseyDetective Mark Kincaid
Heather MatarazzoMartha Meeks
Lynn McReeMaureen Roberts Prescott
Scott FoleyRoman Bridger
Jenny McCarthySarah Darling
Patrick WarburtonSteven Stone
Matt KeeslarTom Prinze
Deon RichmondTyson Fox
C.W. MorganMr. Loomis
Lawrence HechtNeil Prescott
Carrie FisherBianca
Josh PaisWallace
Jason MewesJay
Kevin SmithSilent Bob

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  • Genre: Horror Movies
  • Director: Wes Craven
  • Producer: Buena Vista
  • Length: 117 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: Widescreen 2.35:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaFeb 4, 2000
    EuropeApr 28, 2000
    JapanApr 1, 2000
    AustraliaMar 23, 2000
  • Ratings
    North AmericaR
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaJul 4, 2000
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