: : : Scrapped Princess Vol. 6
===Story=== Pacifica watches in horror from her cell in the castle dungeon as Shannon fights against the Peacemakers, who are now intent on wiping out 90 percent of humanity! Suddenly, she finds herself rescued - form a most unlikely group of allies. They use the chaos to escape the city, but the Peacemakers and the Royal Forces pursue her. In a brief period of calm, Pacifica is reunited with Shannon and Raquel. They start to plan for the final battle, since Pacifica's birthday is only hours away. However, an old friend comes with a request from her brother, the Prince, that they meet at last. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, can Pacifica trust the word of her estranged brother? and what of the Peacemakers? The fate of Pacific, and indeed the entire world, is revealed in the shocking finale! Episodes: 21. Passion of the Lonely God
22. A Rondo that Transcends Time
23. Oratorio of the Mortals
24. Symphony of the Protectors


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