: : : Scrapped Princess Vol. 5
===Story=== Pacifica still has amnesia, and is still living with Furet, the man who found her. Calling herself Pamela, she settles into a new, quiet life. But when Raquel finds her and explains who she really is, Pacifica refuses to believe her. When she is spotted one of the military officials visiting Furet, she is forced to flee with Leo, Winia, and Furet, before being reunited with her siblings. Raquel and Shannon continue to search for her separately, unaware that she has been captured by the Royal Forces and imprisoned. The King has ordered her execution. If there was ever a good time for a rescue, it would be now! Episodes: 17. A Chanson For Fleeting Moments
18. Back Alley Elegy
19. Aria Of A Mother's Sorrow
20. Prelude To The Divinely - Ordered Collapse


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