: : : Scrapped Princess Vol. 4
===Story=== Pacifica and her siblings are determined to return to Leinwan to prevent the loss of any more lives. Senes, however, disagrees. But the real problem is Natalie. she disables the Skid so that they cannot move, and then attempts to reprogram Shannon so that he will keep Pacifica alive no mater the cost. But Pacifica doesn't like that and she fights Natalie for Shannon's free will. After they return, however, the Generals fear of Leinwan fear that this massive craft is the beginning of an invasion, and they launch a major strategic-grade offensive spell against it. When the dust settles and the flood waters fade back into the sea, Pacifica has been separated from the others and she lost her memory! Now, she's living a relatively normal life with a man named Furet, but, how long can she keep that up before she is recognized and captured? Episodes: 13. Distant Ricordanza
14. Lost Quintet
15. Opera Of Powers And Plots
16. Duet At The Riverbank


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