: : : Scrapped Princess: Traveling Troubles - Volume 3

Scrapped Princess: Traveling Troubles - Volume 3

===Story=== Pacifica and her siblings are tired and hungry, and they decide to stop at a local tavern. But it's crowded, and there are no empty tables. Before Shannon can object, Pacifica has accepted the offer of a Priest of the Church of Mauser to share their table. They share a meal and talk a little, and wind up traveling on the same road. They discover a small village who has rejected the Church of Mauser and is led by a masked man named Reynard and a blond woman who claims to be - the Scrapped Princess! And afterwards, they arrive in the Giatt Empire, but before they have time to relax they are captured by Senes, a woman known as the Beast Princess! She and her troops have discovered and restored an ancient device called the Skid, which, they use as their fortress. As Senes and her crew explain the true history of humanity, the Peacemakers attack! Now, it's up to Pacifica to give them all the ability to fight back and defeat these horrible adversaries! Episodes: 9. Requiem for the Heretics
10. Serenade of the False Princess
11. Rhapsody of the Beast Princess
12. Battle Hymn of the Two Princesses


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