: : : Scrapped Princess: Melancholy Wagon Tracks - Vol. 2


Pacifica, Shannon, and Raquel just can't get a break. Because they have successfully evaded the forces of Mauser, there's now a bounty on Pacifica's head. And they meet a bounty hunter who aims to collect. But when his poison fails to kill Pacifica, Raquel and Leo must set out on a dangerous journey to try and find an antidote. This will lead to a revelation that will shake Leo's beliefs to their very core.

But that's not all. It seems that the humans aren't moving fast enough to eliminate the Scrapped Princess, so the Peacemakers, powerful beings who claim it is their destiny to rule humanity, have become involved.

And when Shannon finds an abandoned young girl, they take her in, despite Pacifica's rampant jealousy. Just as she is learning to accept this new member of their "family," however, the Peacemakers arrive!
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