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Scrapped Princess - Complete Collection

===Story=== Pacifica Cassul is a girl with a destiny. Unfortunately, it's not a good one: she is the Scrapped Princess; a girl who, according to prophecy, is the poison that will destroy the world. Naturally, this means that people want her gone. But two powerful people have sworn to protect her: her brother Shannon, whose swordsmanship is impeccable, and her sister Raquel, who is able to wield devastating magic when the mood strikes her. But traveling without attracting attention proves very difficult for the outspoken Pacifica, and they soon find themselves in trouble from various sources. Traitorous friends, assassins, and even an operative from Special Forces all stand in their way. But along the way, they'll meet new friends and together will unravel the mystery behind the supposed Armageddon. Contains all 24 episodes! ===DVD Features=== #Textless Opening #Textless Ending


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