: : : Scenes from a Mall
===Story=== When director Paul Mazursky is good, he's a keen social observer capable of stinging satire. And when he's bad, he makes movies like this bizarre curiosity. A Los Angeles couple (the improbably paired Woody Allen and Bette Midler) head for the mall on their anniversary to do some shopping and, among other things, wind up revealing marital infidelities and having sex with each other in a movie theater. Aside from the idea of the neurotic Allen visiting a mall, there is surprisingly little entertainment value here. Both actors exert serious effort to impart a humorous spin to some of the most pretentious and tedious dialogue in recent memory. The whole thing is like a lengthy marriage counseling session, minus the counselor. Can this marriage be saved? By the end, you'll be wondering, who cares? ''--Marshall Fine''


Bette MidlerDeborah Fifer
Woody AllenNick Fifer
Bill IrwinMime
Paul MazurskyDr. Hans Clava
FabioHandsome Man

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