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Scary Movie 3 review
Toned down sequel


You will quickly notice that something is missing from Scary Movie 3, and that is the presence of any Wayans brother. The Wayans' were the driving forces behind Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2, and brought along their highly crude and disgusting sense of humor while infusing a hip sensibility to the entire proceeding. Yes, this was another spoof movie, but this one seemed a little cooler. Well, this time the primary targets are The Ring, Signs, and 8 Mile, with dozens of other references thrown in for fun.

Still, even at its lightning quick pace, Scary Movie 3 quickly warms out its welcome. Anna Faris's routine is starting to get a little old, and Andersen is plain annoying. Nielsen shows up a little into the film playing the President, and the film slows to a crawl every time he is on screen. Scary Movie 3 is also different in that it opted for the lesser PG-13 rating. This means that the envelope pushing crudity of the past two films is gone, and oddly, missed. The first two movies went about their toilet humor with a sense of unbridled glee, a passion missing from this sequel. However, with all the cussing and innuendo, it's amazing how this film did not get the R.

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