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===Story=== If you've seen ''Scream'' and ''I Know What You Did Last Summer'', then you know the entire plot of ''Scary Movie''. That's okay, though, because this is a parody, and it helps to know the story in order to be able to get the jokes. No, the biggest surprise here is not the story as much as the amount of full-frontal male nudity. Really, in addition to all the dick jokes (and the ass jokes and fart jokes), there's a couple of shots of the male member, one of which is erect and used as a weapon. ''Scary Movie'' somehow ended up with an R rating, which in a sense is groundbreaking; perhaps our ratings board is loosening up after all. But is it funny? That's the most important question, and the answer to that is yes. In the vein of ''Airplane!'', with a dash of the Farrelly brothers, ''Scary Movie'' keeps throwing jokes at you one after another. The law of averages says some of them have to hit, and enough of them do to keep the movie entertaining. Unlike the makers of ''Airplane!'', however, the Wayans brothers aren't making this movie out of a love of the genre, and unlike the Farrelly brothers, they don't make fun of *bleep* people with any sort of respect, so the humor throughout feels a lot uglier. Still, there are enough funny scenes in ''Scary Movie'' to make the viewing experience worthwhile. Special credit must go to Lochlyn Munro as Greg, the over-the-top jock, who steals the movie up until the time he's gotta die.''--Andy Spletzer'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen *Dolby


Carmen ElectraDrew Decker
Dave SheridanDoofy Gilmore
Karen KruperDrew's Mom
Anna FarisCindy Campbell
Jon AbrahamsBobby Prinze
Regina HallBrenda Meeks
Marlon WayansShorty Meeks
Shannon ElizabethBuffy Gilmore
Cheri OteriGail Hailstorm
Lochlyn MunroGreg Phillippe
Shawn WayansRay Wilkins
Kurt FullerThe Sheriff
David L. LanderPrincipal 'Squiggy' Squiggman
Keenen Ivory WayansSlave

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think of something
Nov 12, 05 2:16pm

If you like scary movies then you will love this, most of it is based around the movie...

May 23, 05 9:21am

Scary Movie gives a well-deserved skewering of the teen slasher flicks that began with...

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Great Comdey ScaryMovie
May 26, 04 3:10am
very good ScaryMovie
  • Genre: Comedy Movies
  • Director: Keenen Ivory Wayans
  • Producer: Buena Vista
  • Length: 1 hr. 28 min.
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaJul 7, 2000
    EuropeSep 8, 2000
    JapanSep 2, 2000
    AustraliaAug 31, 2000
  • Ratings
    North AmericaR
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaAug 5, 2003
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