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===Story=== This sprawling epic of bloodshed and excess, Brian De Palma's update of the classic 1932 crime drama by Howard Hawks, sparked controversy over its outrageous violence when released in 1983. ''Scarface'' is a wretched, fascinating car wreck of a movie, starring Al Pacino as a Cuban refugee who rises to the top of Miami's cocaine-driven underworld, only to fall hard into his own deadly trap of addiction and inevitable assassination. Scripted by Oliver Stone and running nearly three hours, it's the kind of film that can simultaneously disgust and amaze you (critic Pauline Kael wrote "this may be the only action picture that turns into an allegory of impotence"), with vivid supporting roles for Steven Bauer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and Robert Loggia. Universal's special edition digital video disc includes a documentary about the making of the film that features numerous interviews and several deleted scenes. ''--Jeff Shannon'' ===DVD Features=== *The Rebirth of Scarface *Acting Scarface *Creating Scarface *Scarface: The TV Version - a look at the two versions *Deleted scenes *Def Jam presents The Origins of a Gangsta' ===VHS Features===
  • NTSC format (US and Canada only)
  • Color, Closed-captioned, NTSC


    Al PacinoTony Montana
    Steven BauerManny Ribera
    Michelle PfeifferElvira Hancock
    Mary Elizabeth MastrantonioGina Montana
    Robert LoggiaFrank Lopez
    Miriam ColonMama Montana
    F. Murray AbrahamOmar Suarez
    Paul ShenarAlejandro Sosa
    Harris YulinMel Bernstein
    Ángel SalazarChi Chi
    Arnaldo SantanaErnie
    Pepe SernaAngel
    Michael P. MoranNick the Pig
    Al IsraelHector the Toad
    Dennis HolahanJerry the Banker
    Mark MargolisAlberto the Shadow
    Michael AlldredgeSheffield
    Ted BeniadesSeidelbaum
    Richard BelzerM.C. at Babylon Club
    Paul EspelLuis
    Garnett SmithImmigration Officer #1
    Tony PerezImmigration Officer #2
    John BrandonImmigration Officer #3
    Loren AlmaguerDr. Munoz
    Gil BarretoCuban Refugee
    Heather BennaGuiterrez Child
    Sue BowserMiriam (as Dawnell Bowers)
    Tina Leigh CameronSaleslady
    Victor CamposRonnie Echevierra
    Robert Hammer CannerdayMarielito
    Rene CarrascoShooter
    Albert CarrierPedro Quinn
    John CarterVic Phillips
    Richard CaselnovaDriver
    Gary Carlos CervantesShooter #1 (as Gary Cervantes)
    Carlos CesteroMatos
    Johnny ContardoMiguel Echevierra
    Roberto ContrerasRebenga
    Caesar CordovaTaco Stand Cook
    Gregory CruzShooter #2 (as Gregory N. Cruz)
    Dante D'AndreGeneral Strasser (as Dante D'André)
    Richard DelmonteFernando
    Wayne DobaOctavio the Clown
    Michel FrançoisMitre d'
    Ben FrommerMale Patron
    Edward R. FrommerTaco Stand Customer
    John GambleHelicopter Pilot
    Troy IssacsCuban Refugee
    Ronald G. JosephCar Salesman (as Ronald Joseph)
    Mario MachadoInterviewer
    Joe MarmoNacho "El Gordo"
    Ray MartelNacho's Bodyguard
    John McCannBank Spokesman
    Richard MendezGina's Killer
    Victor MillanAriel Bleyer
    Santos MoralesWaldo
    Mike MoroffGaspar's Bodyguard
    Angela NisiGutierrez Child
    Manuel Padilla Jr.Kid #2
    Tony PannDriver
    Ilka Tanya PayanMrs. Gutierrez (as Ilka Payan)
    Barbra PerezMarta
    Michael RougasMonsignor
    Anthony SaenzCuban Refugee
    Geno SilvaThe Skull
    Arnold TafollaKid #1
    Charles A. TamburroHelicopter Pilot (as Chuck Tamburo)
    Jim TowersCuban Refugee
    Robert VandenbergGaspar Gomes (as Robert Van den Berg)
    Bob YanezCuban Man
    Angel AamesWoman at Babylon Club
    Nancy Lee AndrewsWoman at Babylon Club
    Dona BaldwinWoman at Babylon Club
    Lee BentonWoman at Babylon Club (as Rosa Lee Benton)
    Cynthia BurrWoman at Babylon Club
    Lana ClarksonWoman at Babylon Club
    Karen CriswellWoman at Babylon Club
    Margo KellyWoman at Babylon Club
    Ava LazrWoman at Babylon Club
    Emilia CrowWoman at Babylon Club (as Emilia Lesniak)
    Marii MakWoman at Babylon Club
    Shelley Taylor MorganWoman at Babylon Club
    Catharine RichardsonWoman at Babylon Club
    Pat SimmonsWoman at Babylon Club
    Terri TaylorWoman at Babylon Club
    Charlie AdianoWoman at Babylon Club
    Lisa KatzWoman at Babylon Club
    Jeanette LinneWoman at Babylon Club (as Jeanette Linné)
    Margaret MichaelsWoman at Babylon Club
    Rhonda SandbergWoman at Babylon Club
    Katt SheaWoman at Babylon Club (as Kathy Shea)
    Marcia WolfWoman at Babylon Club
    Fidel CastroHimself (archive footage) (uncredited)
    Barclay DeVeauAmbassador's Daughter (uncredited)
    Charles DurningImmigration Officer (voice) (uncredited)
    Dennis FranzImmigration Officer (voice) (uncredited)
    Linda GillenVoice (uncredited)
    Gregg HenryCharles Goodson (uncredited)
    Kevyn Major HowardExtra (uncredited)
    Richard JasenLittle Boy at Pool (uncredited)
    Henry KingiColombian Hitman (uncredited)
    Brett RatnerBoy Lying on Raft in Pool (uncredited)
    Randall RutledgeNight Club Patron (uncredited)
    Marcus ShirockBoy at Pool (uncredited)

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    • Genre: Drama Movies
    • Theme(s): Mob/Organized Crime
    • Director: Brian De Palma
    • Producer: Universal Pictures
    • Length: 170 min
    • Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
    • Theatrical Release
      North AmericaDec 9, 1983
      EuropeMar 2, 1984
      JapanApr 28, 1984
      AustraliaMar 22, 1984
    • Ratings
      North AmericaR
    • Blu-ray Release
      North AmericaSep 6, 2011
    • DVD Release
      North AmericaSep 30, 2003
      EuropeMar 29, 2004
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