: : : Samurai X: Reflection
===Story=== Rurouni Kenshin is a wanderer, a lost soul, cursed to seek atonement for his life in the bloody trade of the samurai. During the long war to overthrow the corrupt government, he was known throughout all of Japan as the Hitokiri Battousai ("sword-bearing master assassin"). Even with the war long over, Kenshin can't find peace. His dark past continues to haunt him despite a vow to draw his sword only for the protection of those in need. To atone for his past, Kenshin has left behind his friends and family. His wife Kaoru steadfastly awaits his return, mourning his absence as well as that of their son who has left to train with Kenshin's former master. Will Kenshin return before she dies of grief? The past meets the present fifteen years after Kenshin first left in this newly edited feature. ===DVD Features=== Interviews with Japanese Vocal Cast
Clean Opening / Closing Animation
Production Sketches
Commentary with the Voice Actors for Kenshin, Sanosuke, and Kaoru
ADV Previews


J. Shanon WeaverKenshin Himura
Katherine CatmullKaoru Kamiya
Gray HaddockSanosuke Sagara
Derek WadeYahiko Myojin
Rebecca RobinsonMegumi Takani
Bill WiseEnishi Yukishiro
Joey HoodKenji Himura
James BrownleeSeijuro Hiko
Meg BaumanTsubame Sanjo
Martin BlackerJin'e Udou
Bill HarwellAritomo Yamagata
Elena CarrilloChizuru

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