: : : Samurai Champloo - Volume 6
===Story=== Jin separates from Mugen and Fuu to travel with a beautiful and mysterious blind girl named Sara. But when Sara starts a brutal sword fight with Jin, he learns about her true identity... she is a ruthless assassin. Saddened, Jin rejoins Mugen and Fuu on their next adventure - working 24/7 at an excavation site with other miners in search of Heike's buried treasure. Suspicious, Fuu follows the leader, and she finds herself in danger, suddenly surrounded by zombies. Then, Mugen's baseball skills are discovered and all three are forced into Kagemaru's training camp. Now they must compete in a high-stakes baseball game...against an American team! Episodes: 21. Elegy of Entrapment Verse 2
22. Cosmic Collisions
23. Baseball Blues ===DVD Features=== *Animated *Color *Dolby *Subtitled *Widescreen *NTSC


Ayako Kawasumi
Kazuya Nakai
Steve Jay Blum
Kirk Thorton

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