: : : Samurai Champloo: Volume 1
===Story=== Mugen's a buck wild warrior - violent, thoughtless and womanizing. Jin is a vagrant ronin - mysterious, traditional, well-mannered and very strong as well. These two fiercely independent warriors can't be any more different from one another, yet their paths cross when Fuu, a ditzy waitress, saves them from being executed when they are arrested after a violent swordfight. Fuu convinces the two vagrant young men to help her find a mysterious samurai "who smells of sunflowers." And their journey begins. This is a story about love, friendship and courage . . . NOT! Episodes: 1. Tempestuous Temperaments
2. Redeye Reprisal
3. Hellhounds for Hire Part 1
4. Hellhounds for Hire Part 2 ===DVD Features=== "Battlecry" (Opening Theme) Promo Video
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Ayako Kawasumi
Kazuya Nakai

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