: : : Sam's Lake
===Story=== An escaped psychiatric patient slaughters his family in their sleep and disappears into the woods never to be found. Many years later the horrifying massacre has become a legend. Around the same time as disappearances begin to haunt the towns surrounding Sam's Lake, Sam takes a group of friends to accompany her on a retreat to the cottage that she grew up in. Timing is everything and this time the timing isn't good for Sam and her friends, because on this year's trip Sam and her friends come face-to-face with the terrifying legend of Sam's Lake. ===DVD Features===


Fay MastersonSam
Sandrine HoltKate
William Gregory LeeJesse
Stephen BishopFranklin
Salvatore AntioinioDominik
Megan FahlenbockMelanie
Peter BeksTod
Richard FosterStore Clerk
Jeff McCormickTeenage Rod
Robert William SmithRod's Father
Serra StewartRod's Mother
Kindred Carter8 Yr Old Rod
Kaitlyne DunnRod's Sister

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