: : : Saiyuki Vol. 05: Sting of the Scorpion

Saiyuki Vol. 05: Sting of the Scorpion

===Story=== An ancient legend tells that eating a priest entrusted with one of the founding scriptures of heaven and earth will grant immortality-and now the Scorpion Queen Renli has developed a taste for Sanzo. After luring his party into her underground lair, Renli infects Sanzo with her deadly venom. Now, if Goku is to reach an antidote in time to save Sanzo, he may be forced to "go berserk" to get past his old nemesis Kougaiji! Renli may eat men alive, but these guys know how to take care of themselves. ===DVD Features=== - Cultural Background Notes - Production Sketches - Clean Opening - Clean Closing


Soichiro Hoshi
Greg Ayres
Akira Ishida

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