: : : Saiyuki Vol. 04: Storms


When the members of the Sanzo Party are forced to camp out during a storm, the closed atmosphere brings out the horror of long-buried memories. The tangled pasts of Hakkai, Gojyo, Sanzo and Goku are fraught with murder, lies and a bloodthirsty quest for vengeance.

As a demonic evil encroaches, we begin to discover the questionable aspects of our heroes' pasts-and why the past is a continuous dark cloud hanging over their future. With demon exterminators, Crowmen and a city where men are immortalized in stone-before they die-this is one exciting volume in the Saiyuki saga.

DVD Features

Saiyuki trailer, production sketches, cultural background notes, clean opening and closing animation, and previews.


Soichiro Hoshi
Greg Ayres
Akira Ishida

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