: : : Saiyuki Vol. 03: Confronting Their Demons

Saiyuki Vol. 03: Confronting Their Demons

===Story=== The Sanzo Party heads further into the thick of the demon plague terrorizing the Earth, and dangers threaten them every step of the way. And no matter how far west they go, the group's past is always one step behind! The ruthless fortune teller Chin Yisou seeks to avenge the slaughter of a thousand of his brethren by destroying Hakkai. Then, it's dangerous to trust anyone on this journey - a lesson Goku learns the hard way when he is tricked into eating a forbidden fruit. In the third episode of the volume, Gojyo's love of the ladies could lead to his doom when he agrees to help a young girl find her kidnapped parents. Finally, every member has something they would like to forget. A fact they must confront as the party must hole up to wait out a storm.


Soichiro Hoshi
Greg Ayres
Akira Ishida

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