: : : Saints and Soldiers
===Story=== Based on actual World War II events, "Saints and Soldiers" tells the dramatic story of four Allied soldiers trapped behind enemy lines after escaping the Malmedy Massacre. Led by a tormented sharpshooter known as "Deacon," they must traverse a frigid German wilderness teeming with German troops to smuggle critical intelligence back to Allied territory.


Corbin Allred
Larry Bagby
Kirby Heyborne
Peter Asle Holden
Alexander Polinsky
Chris Clark
Curt Dousett
Ben Gourley
Lincoln Hoppe
Christian Lee
Ruby Chase O'Neil
Melinda Renee
Ethan Vincent

Mar 16, 05 1:03pm

This movie sets a new level for WWII drama. Although one might say this film is a...

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8.1 / 10