: : : Saint Seiya: Volume 7
===Story=== Rekindled Regrets The Phoenix rises again! Just when Seiya and the other Bronze Saints are seemingly destined for a most gruesome demise, Ikki makes another triumphant return. But his stay is short - there are old debts to repay on Death Queen Island. Meanwhile, Shiryu has gone back to the Five Ancient Peaks to visit his old mentor in hopes that the brave Saint's eyesight may be restored. Unfortunately, his homecoming produces more pain than gain. A rival from the past confronts Shiryu challenging not only his abilities as a Saint but his very life as well. The absence of Shiryu and Ikki combined with Seiya's devastating injuries leaves Saori and the Bronze Saints in precarious territory. And Pope Ares knows it. The evil overlord of Sanctuary seizes the opportunity to unleash a new breed of hideous terror. The boys are in trouble! Includes: Episode 31: Deadline of Life and Death! Episode 32: Death Queen Island Explodes! Episode 33: Tears of the Dragon! Episode 34: Farewell to a Comrade! Seiya's Journey of Hope! ===DVD Features=== #Mythology: A Look at the Mythology Behind Saint Seiya #Clean Opening & Closing Animation #ADV Previews


Toru Furuya
Hirotaka Suzuoki

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